About us

We love to make food that makes us a tiny bit homesick, even if it’s for a place we’ve never been.
— Peter Ong, Founder

Our philosophy

At our core, we create elegantly simple treats that are confidently rustic, honest in their appeal and deliciously comforting.

Our brand reflects who we are: Baked in Amsterdam means that we make things right here in Amsterdam, fresh and with lots of love.

We produce on scale, but we are not mass-produced.


How it all began

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Peter Ong practised for several years as a corporate lawyer at Baker & McKenzie before deciding to switch career paths. Working in restaurants throughout his university years, Peter fell in love with working in the hospitality industry during this time.

In 2013, he quit his job, sold his possessions and moved to Paris where he ended up working and training as a pastry chef. Fast-forward to the winter of 2015, Baked in Amsterdam was founded and, since our start in a small home kitchen, we’ve grown to become one of the leading boutique bakery suppliers in Amsterdam.

Baked in Amsterdam were one of the first members of Kitchen Republic, Europe’s first food startup incubator. Our bakery is still based at Kitchen Republic and our activities have expanded to mentoring younger food businesses and working on a consultancy basis for corporates and new restaurants.

I’m enthusiastic about food and the business of running a business. I love developing new ideas which deviate from what everyone else is doing.
— Peter Ong, Founder