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kitchen republic

The rise of Baked in Amsterdam

From late nights at the offices to early mornings in the kitchen, Peter is much happier baking banana bread at Kitchen Republic in Amsterdam than practicing law in Australia.


ABC RADIO blueprint for living

Australian lawyer quits to get 'Baked in Amsterdam'

When late nights hunched over microwave dinners became too much for Melbourne corporate lawyer Peter Ong, he quit his job to have his 'eat, pray, love' moment in Paris.



Patricia Coffee Liqueur Conjures The Spirit Of Amsterdam

Move over, game birds, big-antlered stags, coats of arms, fleurs-de-lis, and all that other usual liquor-bottle iconography. There’s a new booze in town, and the label says it all: Patricia, a 22.7 percent ABV liqueur made with coffee from Lot Sixty One.


flava flav (NL)

Top 100 Food Influencers - 2017

Maker van ‘the best damn bananabread in Amsterdam’. Voormalig corporate tax lawyer Peter Ong uit Melbourne gooide het roer radicaal om. Na een intensieve training bij de beste patissiers van Parijs streek hij neer in Amsterdam om zijn geheel eigen interpretatie van Australisch bananenbrood aan de man te brengen.


a city made by people

Giving local food start-ups a kick-start –  Kitchen Republic

Baked in Amsterdam offer freshly baked cakes made with great ingredients and lots of love – no weird chemicals, artificial flavours and definitely no fondant!


flava flav (NL)

Iedereen moet zijn taarten proeven

Peter Ong, eigenaar van ‘Baked in Amsterdam’, bakt de meest waanzinnige chocolate chip cookies van Amsterdam. En zijn bananenbrood? Niet te versmaden. Hij huurt als foodondernemer een plek in de grote gedeelde keuken van Kitchen Republic.


impact hub

A cycling tour of Amsterdam's most inspiring food startups

All the way from Down Under, Peter Ong works in Kitchen Republic on his Baked in Amsterdam pastries and his Patricia Liqueur. The latter can best be described as the good ol’ Dutch jenever getting an Australian coffee culture makeover. G’day mate, gezellig! Peter: “The most important thing you, as an entrepreneur, can do is go out and stand up for your product. You have to tell customers and investors your story because you’d do it best.”


Amsterdam New Journeys

We featured as part of Eurostar's advertisement campaign for their new London - Amsterdam route.  Enjoy watching our founder be intensely uncomfortable in front of the camera (oh God how do I make this video smaller)