Frequently Asked Questions

Can we buy directly from you as a consumer?

We don’t have a shop front! However, we are more than happy to arrange a time for you to come by our bakery (Monday-Friday) and pick up a warm cake to take home.

We can also arrange delivery (Monday-Friday) for a small fee to cover our delivery costs.

Can you deliver outside of Amsterdam?

Our logistics are managed by our very lovely friends at FoodLogica, a sustainable delivery company using electronic bikes. As such, we can only efficiently cover the Amsterdam area.

However - FoodLogica have some nifty but expensive vans and as such we are able to deliver to other nearby cities if the order is big enough.

Are your products gluten-free / sugar-free / etc?


Everything we use in our products is in there for a reason and to remove one of those key building blocks would mean we’d have a mediocre cake. We’d rather let down a few people (sorry!) by sticking to good baking fundamentals than letting down a whole bunch more by serving bad cake.

Are your products healthy?

Yes, no, maybe?

We’re in the business of making cakes and our first and primary focus is on making rustic goodies that taste good. Cake of any kind is not good for you and really shouldn’t form the basis of your diet (we suggest a healthy balance of vegetables, grains and if you’re so inclined, meat and seafood of your choice).

On the other hand, when you do decide to eat a piece of cake we think our products are fantastic because we great ingredients without any weird flavourings or additives. Simple cake made well.

As we’re quite happy to use every ingredient we don’t need to compromise by adding extra sugar / fat / filler; this means our cakes can be balanced and delicious!

How is peter so good looking?

We don’t know either.